It starts with the food you put in your body!

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Actual dishes I used to heal my body of fibroids, arthritis, pre-diabetes, sciatica back pain and more!

The program is LOADED with Delicious, Plant-Based dishes you make in under 15-minutes! All dishes were chosen for their healing properties!

21-Day Detox E-Book

This is our flagship product that swept the US with amazing testimonies of healing and weight loss.

Who says eating healthy has to be boring?

About Doreen Germany

"Doreen Germany, Certified in Natural Health & Herbology, has emerged as a beacon of hope for those seeking a natural path to dealing with health issues such as hot flashes, infertility, hormonal disorders, fibroids, allergies, skin rashes, sciatica pain, liver and gallbladder disorders and more

-USA Today.

Created by Doreen Germany, who lost 60 lbs, overcame severe allergies, sciatica back pain, infertility, fibroids, gum disease, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, AND MORE, this program is a beacon of hope for those tired of being on the roller coaster ride of surgery, pills and medication, and want to overcome health conditions naturally.


Alex’s headaches are gone after only 16 days! She has more energy, chronic hip pain gone, and more! She is absolutely amazed! She loves the food! Click to hear more of her amazing testimony!

Dealing with migraines for more than 30 years, Kathy was shocked that her migraines went away the FIRST week! She lost weight and more. Click to hear her story!

Dale’s wife had migraines so bad that she was getting botox shots to escape the pain! Dale’s sex drive returned and was full of energy after the detox! Click to hear more.

Rochelle’s chronic sinus headaches and pressure was so bad that it was in her teeth!  The pain was gone after the first week! Click for more!

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This is the Detox program that swept the nation with amazingly delicious, easy to prepare plant-based menus, resulting in amazing stories of healing and weight loss!

LOADED with Delicious, Plant-Based dishes you make in under 15-minutes, it’s a SIMPLE and DELICIOUS way to detoxify your liver, kidneys and colon!

Dishes include curry vegetable soup, collard green wraps with a delicious teriyaki sauce, pina colada smoothies, chocolate pudding, simple vegan apple pie, vegetable stir-fry, and MORE!


  • Complete shopping list with easy to find ingredients

  • 21-days of delicious dishes all designed to heal the body

  • Detailed maintenance plan based on your blood type after the detox

  • Stories of healing and weight loss

  • Group support via a closed FB group with hundreds of members who are on the plan or have completed it in the past.

  • Opportunity for private consultation if needed.

  • Packed with over 130 pages of useful information!


**"My sugar levels have decreased so much my doctor took me off my insulin"-**L Hall-Atlanta GA***

"I had a lump in my breast that disappeared during the 21 days. I have more energy and lost a nice amount of weight! Thanks Doreen!' *G Fizer-Joliet Illinois****"

All my food allergies are now gone, my sinuses have cleared and I've lost 21 lbs!" Damen-Charlotte N.C.*

"I continued your program for two months past the 21 days, lost 39 lbs and people tell me I look 21 years younger!" *Janice- Illinois***

"My wife’s migraines she suffered from for years disappeared 5 days into the program and never returned. My sex drive increased and pain from an old knee injury cleared up. Doreen, this program was a lifesaver!" *Dale-Colorado***